About Me

Traditionally when people think of witches they think of Halloween, spells and potions. Perhaps broomsticks, magic and cackling laughter, not to mention a black cat and pointy black hats!

Thankfully, for me, times have moved on – these days a witch can walk along the banks of The River Thames without fear of being tossed in to prove her credentials!
Also in a break with tradition I have a dog, Marble, as my familiar. (Sorry cats!). Though I do still occasionally like to wear a pointy hat.

Now that that is cleared up, allow me to introduce myself. I am AnnaMarie. I’m a registered nurse, as well as a Reiki practitioner and a Tarot Reader. Whilst I am grateful for some of the wonders of modern medicine I also believe that a huge amount of healing can be done through alternative and non invasive means, including Reiki.

I am passionate about Tarot. My first Tarot deck was gifted to me by my sister around 15 years ago. I am deeply grateful for this gift that helped to set me on the path of gaining esoteric wisdom. Although I feel that the study of the layers of meaning within the cards is a lifelong journey.

Even my familiar aka my fluffy dog Marble has joined the Tarot world.

Though I often thought that Marble was already in The Fool card acting as the wise little dog that helps to keep me safe from harm. He certainly does seem to work very hard to keep me safe from squirrels.